Families of All Shapes Sizes and Species


A lot of different things to different people

I know that grandma probably pulls out her tablet every Thanksgiving and makes you all pose for a picture... But why don't we make sure grandma can be in the photo this time? Let me record your family and the important events in your lives so that you can put away the tablet and actually enjoy each other's company. I want to capture your caring moments in a way that preserves this stage of your story for the rest of your lives. My mission is to provide you with beautiful keepsakes of your family that can be passed down. Every session focuses on who you are as a family and how you interact with each other. Real life. Real family. A really wonderful story.

Family can mean a variety of things to different people. Sometimes family means blood, sometimes choice. It can be fuzzy and furry. It can be rings on fingers. It can be birth. It can be adoption. Family might be a team or a partner. Family can be parents, children, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, dogs, cats, friends, or maybe even the next door neighbor. Something that is true of all families is that they are important! Important and meaningful things must be cared for and preserved. Make it a family priority, whether in the day-to-day or in the exciting adventures, to savor and hold on to each precious moment. Family memories will be reminisced and retold for years to come!

I can’t believe the experiences I have had with Rebecca ! She never ceases to amaze me! Our first session was freezing cold and the only real snow of the winter season here in Ohio. The memories captured were beautiful! We did a reveal of the photos at a location and she provided a slide show and private website for other family members to view or purchase extra copies! I ended up purchasing two Canvas portraits and several 8x10 photos for frames. And this was only our first session with her. Since, she has provided her expertise for my business, her desire and passion for photography and fashion is quite amazing. I recommend her often & her work continues to get better! I love everything.
— Kaylee
Rebecca did a shoot of our family of three in mid-April. She had scoped out the park prior to our arrival to pick out spots with the best lighting. Rebecca and her assistant were fun to work with and knew what they were doing. PLUS, the pictures turned out to be amazing! We highly recommend Rebecca for her fun personality and high quality photography skills.
— Tabi