Couples: Engagement, Wedding, and Anniversary

What is love?

striving to be selfless in relationship to another

I won’t get into a deep, philosophical debate about how to define love (even though I do love discussions). Love looks different for everyone. I will simplify it by sharing my personal belief of romantic love. Monogamy and self sacrifice. You care more about a person than you care about yourself. Maybe you have just gotten engaged, maybe this is your 25th wedding anniversary. New ring on your finger? Or fifty years of commitment? Wherever you are in your relationship, I want to help you document the kisses, the butterflies, the memories, and the lives you are living together. Tell me your story. I want you to share with me how your person inspires you to be better everyday. I want to know what hardships your have overcome together. I want to hear all of the rich history that builds the foundation of your love!

No relationship is perfect. I would never expect my clients to walk out of a romance novel, rather, I believe that even though relationships are tough, they are always worth celebrating. Making it through the bad days is worth celebrating. My ultimate goal is to encourage you to be real. During your portraits, I will focus on the two of you interacting naturally and sharing your story in a sincere way. There is no need for forced posing when your love shines through in the comfortable way you hold hands or in the the sweet way you make each other laugh. You say you are awkward? No worries. I got this. Trust me. During your wedding, I will document moments as they happen in a way that best represents your relationship. Your love is of great value so why not treat yourself and celebrate with us!

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Rebecca has a love for what she does and it definitely comes out in her work! She is passionate and very talented at what she does. My fiancé and I went with Rebecca Trumbull Photography for our engagement photos, and they came out wonderfully. Sometimes it can be awkward when someone is taking pictures, but with Rebecca it was very natural and enjoyable. We had some requests and particular shots we wanted and she was very amicable in following our wishes. You can’t go wrong with Rebecca Trumbull Photography!
— Paul