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How did Rebecca get here? Initially while attending school, she was pursuing videography and film making. She graduated in 2012 with a BS in Communications. For some reason, though she loved video production, she was not fully satisfied in a creative way. She has realized that she is an artist who likes a box. She enjoys limitations so that she can be challenged to new creative levels despite restrictions.

So, what is more restricting than video? Still photos of course! She found herself loving the challenge of capturing the essence of who someone is in a single, still frame. How could anyone possibly see the nature of a person in one single image? But that is her goal. That is her challenge. That is what she loves about photographing people.

Rebecca has taken classes and spent many hours behind the lens in order to master these skills.

Rebecca is extremely sentimental. She loves symbols and physical reminders of things that are important. Rebecca is a strong advocate of photography because our loved ones will not be with us forever. Photos are a way to keep close, preserve and ultimately leave a piece of ourselves to the next generation. She wants to make sure we all have those memories recorded for ourselves, and for the future.

Rebecca lives in Toledo, Ohio with her husband and mastiff mutt, Beatrice. Rebecca offers her photography services to Toledo, Bowling Green, and the Northwest Ohio area.

Paul and I asked Rebecca to do our engagement photos and couldn’t have been happier with how they turned out. We went back to the park where Paul proposed and spent an hour or two taking pictures. Taking pictures was comfortable and we were able to take some in poses that we wanted to do and she recommended as well as in natural poses. The photo shoot was a great experience, we just had to act like we loved each other which was easy and enjoyable. The pictures came back quickly and there were a lot of good ones that were flattering and of nice quality.
— Erica
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