My husband and I decided to make Myrtle Beach our vacation location this summer. We stayed at a very nice resort just a few miles from the beach. Let me tell you, I am a beach bum. Clearly I was born in the wrong state! As much as I love Northwest Ohio, my heart belongs near the ocean. So I vow to make every effort to visit once a year. And Myrtle Beach did not disappoint!

For those of you who do not know the geography of the Carolinas, Myrtle Beach is just south of the border between North and South Carolina. The drive from Bowling Green, Ohio is almost 12 hours long. Lucky for us, we have friends between here and there who were gracious enough to host us overnight so we could breakup the drive!

When we arrived at Harbour Lights, the concierge provided us with a wonderful welcome packet full of places to eat, shop, or find some adventure. One of the places listed in those materials was Brookgreen Gardens. Brookgreen, actually located in Murrells Inlet, boasts a ranking in the top ten gardens in the U.S. (by TripAdvisor). We decided that visiting this garden was a must! Brookgreen also has a small zoo full of local species who have either been rescued and relocated or were born and raised in captivity. Preservation of a large number of plant species is also one of the main purposes of the 9,000 acre park.

I was so excited to get to take my camera on our exploration of this gorgeous park! You will see many statues in these photos. One of Brookgreen's main attractions is their sculpture garden. A vast collection of sculptures have been acquired and displayed amidst botanical beauty in a very unique display. The gardens were absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed the contrast of the manmade and the natural. The gardens were designed in a way that felt very comfortable and almost magical. I felt as though I was in the most wonderful outdoor museum! 

Please enjoy these photos from my trip to Brookgreen Gardens!

All photos taken by Rebecca Trumbull at Brookgreen Gardens