Brinley Hope was born to Ted and Tabi Weemes in January of this year. Though having a baby can be a tough and completely exhausting experience, the Weemes have embraced their role as parents with so much joy and grace! As first-time parents, Ted and Tabi are very excited to document all of their precious moments with their new little girl. I had the privilege of taking their first portraits as a family of three! 

Working with young children is always an adventure! You never know if they will smile or cry. Will they look at you or hid their faces in their mom's arms? Three-month-old Brinley was so good! She wasn't quite interested in smiling a lot, but she didn't fuss and she had some adorable poses! We had a great time exploring the Toledo Botanical Gardens and capturing some beautiful family moments. 

My husband and I were guests at the Weemes home one night last month. They have an above ground pool but had not yet taken Brinley swimming. Seeing as it was a very hot day, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to jump in. Tabi dressed Brinley in the cutest bathing suit and Ted blew up a floaty for her to sit in. We got into the water and realized that it was quite cold (Ted had recently refilled it). Brinley was a trooper! She didn't cry, even though we could tell she was a little shocked by the cold! Eventually her parents had her giggling and I think she really enjoyed her first swim!

These photos were taken in April and Brinley is now seven months old. She has grown even cuter and she brings her family many laughs and smiles. It has been such a pleasure to watch her become more aware of the world around her. Each new experience is a milestone that fills her parents with pride.

As you can see in every photo, Ted and Tabi love each other a LOT. They also love Brinley a LOT. I am so excited to watch this family grow! Please enjoy these family portraits of Ted, Tabi, and Brinley!

All photos taken by Rebecca Trumbull Photography