Couples are one of my favorite things to shoot! What could be better than helping my parents (Mark and Amy) celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary with some anniversary photos? My heart and my philosophy is that marriage is a really important part of life and it is important to celebrate it everyday, not just the day you say "I do". Anniversary sessions are such a great way to remember your commitment and to look forward to the years to come.

Mark and Amy are goof balls. Just asking Mark to sit still and smile was a struggle. He'd much rather be making jokes and twisting my instructions into something ridiculous. So, you know what, we went with it! There are quite a few silly photos here because that was just what was natural. Amy is well practiced posing for me (check out her blog: STYLINGRANNYMAMA). Between the two of them, we got a few serious portraits and some great candid ones as well. My goal as a photographer is never to make people into something posed, poised, or perfect. My mission is to make people real, natural and to show true personality. Mark and Amy love camping and enjoying nature. It was so much fun to include that as part of their session!

Though Mark and Amy have lived in Sylvania, Ohio for over 20 years, they actually met in Northern Wisconsin at a Native American reservation, Lac Du Flambeau. Amy was as a member of a mission trip that was serving there and Mark was visiting a friend. The name translated actually means "Lake of Torches". Mark met his soulmate at the "Lake of Torches". Doesn't that just sound so romantic?! Mark and Amy decided to do a few of their photos with a painting of a Native American in a canoe as a symbol of where their relationship began. This painting hangs in their dining room everyday. What a wonderful keepsake!

Today, Mark and Amy have two adult daughters, one son-in-law and an adorable grandson! Their relationship has seen many hard times and many happy ones. They have explored new places and enjoyed new experiences. Mark and Amy are a perfect example of a couple who values lifelong commitment!

Please enjoy these anniversary photos taken of Mark and Amy in Sylvania, Ohio!

All photos by Rebecca Trumbull Photography, Amy's makeup courtesy of Rachel Christensen