Jessica St. Johns is a good friend and a local Toledo photographer. She and I have enjoyed many evening "editing dates" over the last year. We mostly talk about business and girl stuff... Sometimes we actually get work done. Mostly we encourage each other with new ideas and talk about our dreams.

On occasion, Jessica and I get the urge to do some photos of each other for fun! We get to hone our skills behind the camera while also getting a reminder of what our subjects feel like in front of the camera. I find it much easier to direct and pose people when I know how things look from their perspective. 

Rachel Christensen, my sister, is also one of Jessica's closest friends. Rachel was very excited to lend us some of her Makeup Artist magic! She did such an awesome job with our makeup and we both left the house feeling like rockstars. 

Jessica and I ventured to one of our favorite shoot locations in Toledo at Sidecut Park. This place runs along the river and has a lot of variety in its scenery. Woods, meadows, river, a historical cemetery, an overlook, a gazebo and plenty of trails. What more could you ask for? We decided to explore a little and we got some really great settings. As the light began to fade, we tried to beat the sun and get a few shots of Jessica with her daughter, Ellie. Jessica is expecting her second child and it was wonderful to get to capture her and Ellie's relationship while Ellie is still an only child. Things are soon changing for them both, but they have a great relationship to be able to introduce the new baby into.

I hope you enjoy these photos of this truly beautiful woman!