Meet Max! Max is an adorable, energetic, spunky little lab mix. One of eight brothers and sisters, Max was originally born in Georgia on December 18. He was sent to Northwest Ohio in order to find a home. On February 23rd, Max was adopted from the Toledo Humane Society

Tessa was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. After graduating from the University, she took a job as an RN here in town. Tessa has a huge heart for people and she gives 100% to everything she does. Tessa decided she "might" get a dog... As soon as she met Max, she had to say yes! After all, who can resist those puppy dog eyes?!

Pet photography has got to be one of the most fun and unpredictable types of session I have done. This puppy was constantly on the move! Max loves walks in the park, so Wildwood was a perfect location to take some pictures. Max was so excited to see all the people and he wanted to meet everyone who crossed our path. Tessa had some treats which were used to reward good behavior and to help him sit still for a second so I could snap one or two pictures. We walked A LOT. Max's energy started to fade a little and then he was pretty happy to sit still for us. We had a ton of fun trying to keep Max interested in the camera while he kept getting distracted by all the exciting things at the park! 

As you can tell, Max is a wonderful companion and friend to Tessa. I wish them many happy days together! 

Fun facts: Max loves anything that squeaks and he likes to try to stop the water coming out of the garden hose!

All photos taken by Rebecca Trumbull Photography