What could be more exciting for me than taking pictures?

Taking pictures and getting to help someone fulfill their dreams! Now, I have a quick disclaimer. This article is about my mom. Yes. My mom. I know it is a bit cliche and maybe a little personal... But when the blog inspiration strikes, I must listen!

So what does my photography business have to do with my mother? Well my mom happens to be a very talented lady. Yes, I am a little biased because I love her. But truly, she is brilliant. For the sake of giving her personhood in this post, I will be calling her by her first name, Amy. Amy is a writer. I am not sure at what age she began. Was it was journaling as a teenager? Was it was writing short stories as a child? I know she liked to write songs and play her guitar in high school. As long as I have known her, Amy has displayed a knack for the written word. She has a beautifully creative way of expressing thoughts and ideas. When I was a kid, I remember her creating fun bedtime stories for my sister and I. As we got older, she took a creative writing class and eventually began writing a historical fiction novel. 

Amy did not finish that novel, but the process of writing many chapters, and doing in-depth historical research helped to shape who she is as a writer. Perhaps she will pick up that quest again someday... 

Today Amy's quest is in a very different writing medium. Amy has just begun her first blog. Though writing a blog means less writing on one specific story or topic, it, in no way, means less writing. I gawked at my mentor when she suggested I write a blog post three times a week. Sure that would be ideal for my business, but really, I would have to change my schedule to make time for it. Amy decided to commit to blogging five days a week. FIVE. Maybe that is completely normal in the blog community, but I think that was very ambitious! Amy has kept true to her word and posted on her blog every single weekday since its launch on February 1.

Amy has five "topics" to each match a day of the week. Monday is Faith. This is where Amy discusses her beliefs as a Christian and gives daily wisdom and advice. Wednesday is Family. Family is something Amy values greatly and this is reflected in her writing as she explores what family means and how to take care of your relationships with them. On Thursday, Amy tells stories about Friends and she discusses ways to maintain these important relationships. Friday is Fluff day! Fluff is essentially a "catch all" where Amy can explore ideas outside of her other categories. Sometimes she share recipes, cleaning tips, movie ideas, or anything else that strikes her fancy. Usually it is something fun and lighthearted!

You may have noticed that I skipped Tuesday. Tuesday is my favorite day. Tuesday is Fashion day! Amy, aka Stylin Granny Mama, is not only a writer, but a pretty great fashionista! She loves shopping and learning about popular colors and various ways to accessorize. But Amy doesn't dress like a 28-year-old wannabe, Amy dresses in a way that flatters both her age and her body type. She is so excited to help other women, real women, learn to do the same! 

Amy asked me to help her with images for her blog. It was a no brainer for her. Daughter = Photographer? Perfect! I am not only a relatively new photographer, but I had never done anything fashion related before! However, I adore details and photographing beautiful individuals, so I couldn't refuse! It has been quite an adventure! There are many things I hope to get better at as I learn more about how to best display Stylin Granny Mama's amazing wardrobe ideas. We have done two fashion sessions and will be planning for the summer shoot soon! 

I really hope you enjoy looking at these images and I hope you will take a moment to check out this talented lady's blog!