Brammer Brakel is a Bedford High School senior. Brammer lives in a small area of Michigan called Temperance which is right over the border from Toledo, Ohio. Brammer is a Drum Major in the band and he is a member of the Toledo Blades Fencing Club. It is easy to say that not only is Brammer handsome, but he is well rounded!

We began our photo adventure in a nice garden. Brammer chose a casual look first. That blue tee shirt really brought out his eyes! We had to do a couple classic shots in his band jacket. Then we ventured into the woods for my favorite set of photos... the fencing ones! I have never shot a senior in fencing garb and I took this opportunity to be creative. It was so much fun! Brammer looked amazing in his uniform with his saber. He also added a personal touch with his Pikachu socks. 

To end the session, Brammer took us to his high school football field. We got some great shots of him in his band uniform there! I loved using the giant football field as a location and Brammer looked completely in his element.

 I hope you enjoy these senior photos of Brammer! He totally rocked his session! (Brammer has a very literal sense of humor as you will find out from his answers below.)

Get to know Brammer a little better: 

1. What is your most precious keepsake? My Pikachu Collection.

2. What do you enjoy doing? Answering questionnaires.

3. Who is one person you look up to? Well actually there's a lot of people I look up to since I'm relatively shorter than others.

6. Do you have plans for after graduation? If so, what? To become an inanimate object, maybe.

toledo senior photo

Rebecca Trumbull is a senior portrait photographer located in Bowling Green, Ohio. She happily serves Toledo, Ohio and all of Northwest Ohio with her portrait photography and commercial photography work.

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